We are an independent shipbroker, experienced, solid and reliable. Our expertise leads us to quality service.

With our head office based in Rotterdam, NL and our branch office in New Orleans, USA we operate on global scale and provide global service in the liquid bulk segment. Specialized in Clean Petroleum Products, Chemicals, Vegoils, Molasses and Biofuels from 0-50.000 mt.

Quality over quantity

Through our extensive network, which we built over the years, we can provide custom made service.

We highly value our operations and post fixture performance since we believe that’s where costs can be saved, after all time is Money!


We have secured tonnage to transport Molasses across the world for many years. A unique product in a small market.

Edible oils

Corner stone for consumer daily products. A market driven by seasonal crops.

Bio fuels

This market has various social, economic, environmental and technical issues relating to its production and use.
Transportation is subjected to such restrictions.


Specialized products require specialized tonnage. Small parcels, large parcels, for every size there is a transport solution.

Clean petroleum products

A very volatile freight market requires prompt action, day and night.

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